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Worm Drive, 12V with High Torque and High Speed

Worm Drive Motor 12V/24V 200W, 180 RPM, 20Nm Torque

  $108.96 (Inc GST)
500w, MY1020ZX 24V DC Gear Motor

MY1020Z Dayton 500w, (0.67 HP) 24V DC Planetary Gear Motor, 500 RPM

  $119.96 (Inc GST)
12V DC 100W Motor, 2750 RPM

United MY6812 12V DC 100W, 2750 RPM Electric Motor (Belt)

  $29.95 (Inc GST)
MY1020Z 800w, 36V DC Gear Motor

MY1020ZX Dayton 800w (1HP), 36V DC Planetary Gear Motor, 500 RPM

  $135.95 (Inc GST)
DC Speed Control and Worm Drive Gear Motor Combo!

Home Brewer Special! Worm Drive Motor + DC Speed Controller!

  $139.00 (Inc GST)

United MY1016 350W 24V DC Motor With 11 Tooth Chain Sprocket

  $54.95 (Inc GST)
High Current, DC Motor Speed Control 25 or 50 Amps

12V-48V DC Speed Controller 25A (PCB Model)

  $50.95 (Inc GST)
MY8216 dc motor 200w 12V or 24V

Unite MY8216 200W 12V or 24V DC Motor 3200 RPM

  $62.95 (Inc GST)
MY1018Z 450w, 24V DC Gear Motor, 440 RPM

MY1018Z Unite 450W, 24V DC Brushed Gear Motor, 440 RPM

  $103.95 (Inc GST)
5 wire multi capacitor 4uf + 4.5uf + 5uf

4uf + 4.5uf + 5uf CBB61 Capacitor Combination (5 Wire)

  $17.95 (Inc GST)
MY1016Z Unite Motor 250W 24V

United MY1016 250W 24V DC Motor With 11 Tooth Chain Sprocket

  $46.95 (Inc GST)
MY1016Z 250w, 24V DC Gear Motor, 400 RPM

MY1016Z United 250W, 24V DC Brushed Gear Motor, 400 RPM

  $71.95 (Inc GST)
350w, 1016Z 24V DC Gear Motor, 400 RPM

MY1016Z United 350W, 24V DC Brushed Gear Motor, 400 RPM

  $81.95 (Inc GST)
MY1020 48V 1000W

Dayton MY1020 1000W 3000 RPM 48V DC Motor

  $89.95 (Inc GST)
90W 12/24 Volt DC Motor

90mm 90 Watt 1800 RPM Geared DC Motor 12/24 Volt

  $102.95 (Inc GST)
24V DC 100W Motor, BELT, 2650 RPM

United MY6812 24V DC 100W, 2750 RPM Electric Motor (Belt)

  $29.95 (Inc GST)
VTV 6w DC Motor 12/24 Volts (Geared, requires gearbox) 60mm Frame

60mm 15 Watt Geared DC Motor 12/24V

  $67.95 (Inc GST)
60w DC Geared Motor 12v/24v 90mm

90mm 60 Watt 1800 RPM Geared DC Motor 12/24 Volt

  $92.95 (Inc GST)
High Current, DC Motor Speed Control 25 Amps

12V-48V DC Speed Control 25A External (Case Model)

  $63.95 (Inc GST)
Aggressive Tractor pattern Wheel

Mini Tractor Style Mini Pneumatic Wheel 25cm

  $14.95 (Inc GST)
Worm Gear Motor

320W 12V/24V Worm Drive From 21 to 256 RPM and 25 to 75nM

  $241.95 (Inc GST)
Worm Gear Motor

200W 12V/24V Worm Drive From 21 to 256 RPM and 15 to 45nM

  $208.95 (Inc GST)
Powered scooter wheel

100W Belt driven Scooter Rear Wheel, 24V, 1200 RPM

  $46.95 (Inc GST)
36V 800W 3000 RPM

Unite MY1020 36V 800W 3000 RPM 28.5A

  $81.95 (Inc GST)
GPG DC 90W DC Motor 12V/24V 90mm

90mm 90 Watt DC Motor 12/24 Volt

  $149.95 (Inc GST)
Big Power, 190Nm 12V or 24V

12/24V DC Worm Drive Geared Motor 600W 143N.m 18 RPM

  $526.96 (Inc GST)
brushless dc geared motor

1.5kW Brushless DC Motor 60V 700 RPM 60nM + Speed Controller!

  $349.95 (Inc GST)
brushless dc geared motor

2kW Brushless DC Motor 60V 700 RPM 85nM + Speed Controller!

  $398.95 (Inc GST)
Motion Dynamics Australia is an independently owned company specialising in the import & distribution of AC/DC motors along with a host of other motion related products.
With over 20 years experience in sourcing and sales of electric motors, you can be sure that we can supply you with the right products at the right prices. 
When it's required, we can even supply custom motor solutions for you if the standard product doesn't quite suit your requirements!

Since we began trading way back in 2009, our goals have been clear and simple. Provide good products, good service and always give the best support we can. Most importantly to us, is to supply every product, at a price that keeps business (and hopefully, Jobs too)  in Australia.
During this time, we've worked hard on building our reputation for service and product commitment. 
We tend to do things a little differently to everyone else, so rather than spending any profits on buildings , vehicles or staff, we tend to run as lean as possible.
Everything we do is done by our own people! That includes our website, testing and sourcing of the products we sell, the electronics products we design and build, plus a whole lot more.
The more we can depend on ourselves, the less we need to spend on for the help of others, which ultimately means cheaper prices for all. On top of that, it means we can bring more products in so you have a greater selection than ever before!
We don't take shortcuts because it's very important to us that your first experience with us, will be the first of many!

All of our electrical motors meet both Australian and International safety standards, and are available for various applications, both large and small.

Feel Free to browse our large range of AC or DC electric Motors or DC Motor Controls!
If you are looking to find large or small AC or DC electric motors for personal or industrial applications, then you've come to the right place!
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Unlike others, We won't try to sell you that big expensive part that will do the job when we feel there may be smaller cheaper or better alternative available for your project

That's just one of the many reasons why our customers keep coming back! 





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