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MY1020Z Dayton 500w, (0.67 HP) 24V DC Planetary Gear Motor, 500 RPM

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Weight: 6.600 kg
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MY1020ZX Dayton 500W, 24V DC Brushed Planetary Gear Motor, 500 RPM

Not a Unite Motor, but a Dayton!


Our highest power 24V hobbyist gear motor packing an awesome 500 Watts of power!

This Dayton sports a planetary gearbox rather than a spur gear. The advantage is that when compared to the united gear motors (which use a spur gearbox), is that the planetary style gearbox is not only much stronger, it's also much quieter at high torque and high speed!

These have been a popular replacement for motors on golf carts, ATV's, Kids quads farm vehicles and more!
Extremely popular choice for any project requiring decent torque and speed. Easily reversible by reversing polarity to the motor!


  • Permanent Magnet DC Motor
  • Voltage: 24 Volt
  • No Load RPM: 3000
  • No Load Current: <2.8 Amps
  • Rated Wattage: 500W (0.67 Horsepower)
  • Rated Load RPM: 2650
  • 500 RPM output from gearbox
  • Torque (Nm): 8.5
  • Rated Current: 26.7 Amps
  • Efficiency: 78%
  • Reduction Ratio: 6.67:1
  • Direct Drive (No Free Spooling)
  • Suitable for Forward and Reverse Operation
  • Base Mount Model
  • 12 Gauge Power wire
  • 11 Tooth Sprocket Suits #40 and #420 Chain

Mounting bracket measures 5-1/2'' W x 4-1/2'' L with 4 mounting holes.

Please note that these would be illegal to connect to your electric Bike or Scooter, The maximum legal limit is 200w, though you could voltage limit them to bring them down to legal power requirements.