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MY1018Z 450w, 24V DC Gear Motor, 440 RPM
MY1018Z 450w, 24V DC Gear Motor, 440 RPM motor diagram MY1018Z Unite 450W, 24V DC Brushed Gear Motor, 440 RPM MY1018Z Unite 450W, 24V DC Brushed Gear Motor, 440 RPM

MY1018Z Unite 450W, 24V DC Brushed Gear Motor, 440 RPM

$175.95 (Includes GST)
Weight: 2.4 kg
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United 450W, 24V DC Brushed Gear Motor, 440 RPM



These are an extremely fast and powerful motor. The were designed as an electric bike conversion for the people that want to keep the gearing intact (and still use them) on their electric bikes. They are designed to be frame mounted to drive the pedal sprocket. 

Other uses are as a high powered  upgrade for the United 250W motor, for some brands of electric bikes

They are a popular option for those that don't want the expense of brushless motors on their electric bikes or want to keep using the resisting gear clusters. They are a popular choice because they can be over driven, and give a high power output for such a small motor. Popular for use by model railroad and Tank enthusiasts due to their speed and incredible power!

I can't stress this enough! Be careful when you choose a controller for these because if you have the current available and you push the motor it will suck down the current (Over 130A !)

As far as we are aware you cannot buy these cheaper from anywhere in Australia! Even the cost of buying one from China is more expensive!


  • 24 Volt, 25A Rated Load, 2.5A No Load
  • 9 tooth sprocket for 1/2'' x 1/8'' pitch bike chain
  • 1.43Nm (motor) with 8Nm on the output sprocket @440 RPM
  • 12 gauge power leads
  • Gear Ratio: 79:11 (7.18:1)
  • Weight: 2.2KG (alloy motor and frame!)
  • Reversible, motor can run in either direction simply by swapping the motor leads to the opposite polarity!
  • Alloy case for good heat dispersion.
  • Bicycle style mounting bracket available as an optional extra (Suits the 250w and 450w models)
  • 9 Tooth Sprocket for 1/2" x 1/8" Pitch Chain

This motor now comes free with a mounting bracket! (though it does add a small ammount to the cost of shipping to account for the extra weight) Just select the mounting bracket in the options!

Warning !

Please note that these would be illegal to connect to your electric Bike or Scooter as in most states the legal limit is 200W (or in some states 250W with a pedal sensor).

While the maximum legal limit is 200w, you could voltage or current limit this to bring it down to the legal power requirements.

And remember, if you overdrive this motor, under heavy loads it CAN pull over 130 AMPS on a 24V supply!