Brushless Motors

60 Volt DC Brushless Gear Motors:

These geared brushless motors are used for trikes in China. They are designed to fit up to an axle for portable 3 wheeled vehicles which are attached to those mini tourist busses that carry about 10 people. Most people look at the Unite brushless with is a 3 gear planetary gearbox. This is a 4 planet unit (Stonger!). The rpm is around 700-900. This unit puts out a LOT of power, and at 900rpm through the gearbox it works out to roughly 11HP !. They are excellent for Go-Karts, quads, buggies, and trikes! The voltage is a little unusual, but classed as standard for a brushless motor. There is a chart showing the efficiency for these and it is extremely good.

48V 500W Geared Brushless Motor + Bi-Directional Controller   Excellent universal 48V Brushless motor, suitable for bikes, scooters, buggies,...

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High Powered Brushless Gear Motor Brushless 1500W Motor Controller     Simple, yet powerful kit, READY TO RUN! That's right,...

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