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GPG AC & DC Motors

GPG Motor Company, Proudly Partnering Up with Motion Dynamics

 C-Tick Certified Product.

GPG High Performance Gearmotors

Computer matched precision, high efficiency, low noise and low heat generation .


Looking for a reliable motor and gearbox combination that can be used for any task in various locations around the world? GPG may just be the answer!

This premium high-performance range of compact gear reduction motors are compatible with all the major brands like Oriental, Bison, Sesame, Sumitomo Astero and SPG at a quality levels comparable with the best of them!
Proven under the most rugged operating conditions all GPG motors utilise quality materials, high performance components, hard wearing and finely crafted spur gearings, aircraft quality lubricants, non corrosive metals and overload protection to ensure a long life with trouble free operation.

GPG offers safety standards for each country and region, and also comes in a wide range of configurations, gear head types with additional accessories and quality that is sure to please even the most seasoned engineers.

GPG AC/DC Geared Motors, Induction, Reversible, Speed Control, Electromagnetic Brake and Single and Three Phase

With GPG motors, quality is built-in to the product throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is achieved by utilising an on-flow manufacturing process where all necessary equipment is positioned in the  sequence in which it is used to manufacture the motor or the gearbox. In the simplest of terms, this methodology means that each motor is carefully built one small piece at a time allowing it to be thoroughly inspected and tested, meaning any quality defects to be easily detected and contained. Additionally, defect prevention is also the direct result of the continuous error proofing of the processes used.

All GPG Series models conform to major international safety standards. UL/CSA, CE Marking (Low Voltage Directive), C-Tick, and models certified under CCC (China Compulsory Certification system) are also available.

Engineered for extremely high efficiency, reliability and durability, the new range is remarkably rugged in its construction and incorporates Japanese fine precision helical gearing for maximum efficiency and quiet operation.

The new range extends from 6w through to 120w and 0.1kw to 3.7kw in the larger motor series. It is an extremely cost-effective solution for OEMs and business that require optimum performance, quality construction, reliability and versatility and high efficiency while backed by the experienced support team at Motion Dynamics Australia.

The broad range of GPG models makes it simple to replace brands including Oriental, SPG, Sumitomo, Panasonic, Bison and Sesame motors at prices between 25-40% less!


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