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Wireless Controller (low Cost)

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Model:  Wireless Controller (low Cost)
Priority: Low-Medium

This is a rebuild of the existing wireless controller. The original controller was well received, but the factory that did all the assembly made heap of mistakes, leaving us with about 50 working boards in total.
There are features that customers asked for as well, which we couldn't implement on the existing controller being that it was completely built up from analog circuits.

So we figured rather than rebuilding the existing unit, we would design a new model.
The next wireless unit we release will be micro controlled, which will give us a lot more flexibility in terms of custom features etc.

We've already begun the software for this module and the hardware will be similar to the previous unit seeing as it was so reliable.

As this model progresses, I will add more information here.

This project has somewhat stalled while we search for a better TX/RX unit. While the previous model was a pretty high spec unit, the range on it was terrible. The maker advertised 100M but the *only* way you could get anywhere near that was to be out in the middle of nowhere! So we are currently trying to find something that will give us more than 10m on a good day.

Sorry to the people who are waiting for this! We'll be getting in some more units to test soon!