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Planetary Motors

Need Big Power with high Efficiency ?

Also known as Epicyclical gearing, Planetary gearboxes are a gear system that consists of one or more outer gears (Planetary gears), revolving around a central gear (Sun gear).  The planetary gearbox arrangement is an engineering design that offers many advantages over traditional gearbox design arrangements. 
We stock a wide variety of planetary gear motors in both 12V and 24V DC. The range consists of common sizing, 28mm, 36mm, 45mm and  56mm, at some of the cheapest prices around. Best of all, our products are amongst the highest quality units to be found in the Australian market (even surpassing units costing up to 300% more!).

These units have successfully been tested for all conditions that can be varied, which include vibration levels, temperature, humidity, structural load, altitude, electrical loading and motor loading

Offering speeds from 1 RPM to 200 RPM and torque ratings from 0.5Nm to 40Nm.
Big torque figures for such a small gear motor package!

All DC Planetary Gear Motors here are reversible and speed controllable