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Questions about AC or DC motors or gearmotors

In the interests of cleaning up the Frequently asked questions so people can find things easier please use the following bookmarks.

If you have a question, please submit it via the contact me page!

The Technical FAQ Click here for FAQ relating to technical questions

The General FAQ Click here for FAQ relating to General questions

General F.A.Q

Are you open to bulk ordering for products in your field with our Club or Forum?

Certainly, if it's something in a related industry and samples for testing are available then we may well be interested.
For clubs or forum members this can be an inexpensive way to buy because as everybody knows, there's strength in numbers.

Can I suggest a product for you to look at selling?

Lots of people submit suggestions for us to bring certain products in and we listen to them all. Some of the product ideas are great, some are products that we'll eventually evolve to and others really don't suit our business model, product range or quality range.

We don't search the Chinese trade directories like competing businesses to find the cheapest product and bring it to market for a quick buck, nope! We go through a drawn out process to actually source and test as many items as we can find for quality and durability. We rent a test lab and our engineers put motors through loading and envioroment tests. Then we bring the better samples over and send units out for evaluation. If the testers we send the items to, approve, only then will we sell the units. The customers that test the units are people that know their stuff.

From the time we, or a customer gives us a product idea, it can be many months before actually have the product in the shop for sale. We don't want to have to return faulty items that have a common failure point and who is going to give us good press if the item they buy falls apart?

No, it works out much cheaper and more sustainable to bring quality items over in the first place, especially when you factor in post and handling for low quality products. 

The stages work kind of like this: (forgive any mistakes, this was a quick knock together job)

what makes our sourcing methods different from other australian companies?

Have you thought of a forum because I can help set one up and run it for you?

Though the idea of a forum does sound appealing for members to be able to get support and advice, I'm not sure we would have the time to keep up with it, Plus with spammers and fraudsters it would be a full time job in itself just maintaining the basic 'housekeeping'. We may re-visit this idea later when we sell a wider product range.

Ok, we did revisit this idea and, well... we've now added forums. The idea behind this is to allow customers to better communicate and maybe help each other out and (possibly?) help us to decrease our own workloads. Nobody reads FAQ's these days, so a forum may save us from answering the same questions repeatedly.
The forums are only new, so we'll see how they go over the next few months. But we'd like to see people be able to network and bounce ideas and designs around!

Ok, another update to this, we actually removed the forums. They didn't last very long because the forum software we used was kind of rubbish. We spent so much time removing spam, that in the end it just wasn't worth it. We had every anti spam measure available at the time, and yet we'd still see hundreds of new spam posts per day. Obviously, the bots had a way around the protections and the time to delete all the new accounts etc was just crazy. That was about 6 months ago. We have since been looking at putting it back up, but this time with commercial software.

Why do the standard DC gear motors in the Titan (and GPG) motors stop at 90W ?

Its called cost efficiency. You hit a point after 90 watts where its no longer viable. Sure, we could bring 300w DC motors and the gearboxes to suit, but how much do you really want to spend? Go look at the planetary gear motors on this website or even the E-bike (Scooter) motors if you want really big power! They are much stronger, durable, efficient and perfect for industrial or home use applications.

Do you have Offline ordering available?

Certainly, give us a call on the number either on the homepage or in the contact us section. For payment methods for offline we accept cheque (requires time to clear), Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Deposit) and Cash on pickup.


Can I get a discount if I buy xx gearboxes and xx motors?

Quantity discounts are fine, how much, will obviously depend on quantity, but let us know what you need and we can negotiate a price.

Why will you be selling two of the same types of motor? The Titan and GPG ?

The products are aimed at two entirely separate markets.

The Titan motor range was designed for the masses (Business, Industrial, Individuals, Prototype's, Hobbyists etc) with a strict budget in mind.

Our goals for the Titan were simple. Create a high quality, low cost product that can perform efficiency with quality, features and most importantly, price. It well and truly achieves those goals.
It's affordable, packed with features and will last just long and run just as hard as any other standard motor available on the market today (brandname or not).

The GPG on the other hand is a more modern design and has the backing of a known and trusted brand name. It has a much higher efficiency in power consumption, heat dispersion and transmission efficiency than most standard motors on the market can offer. Basically, it is the premium version.

How come your GST (Tax) shows up in the prices when I am from the the USA?

Because you have either not signed in yet, or have not registered, so until you tell the system where you are, it assumes that you are an Australian in Australia!

I found a bug on your website!

Sadly, while we attempt to find any issues and bugs before they can become a problem, sometimes they just creep in from things you never expect. If you could send us an email letting us know where, when and what you were doing at the time of the bug , that would be helpful in resolving the issue quickly.


Technical F.A.Q

Are the Motors for Australia C-Tick Certified?

All electrical products on this website have C-Tick certifications for Australia where required.

How does the Maili Titan range differ from the standard Maili motor range?

The standard bearings are replaced with higher grade units, the wiring is all upgraded to Class-F throughout the motor and windings, the enamel on the core motor winding is more resilient which is less prone to break down over time or crack with movement, the terminal box and internal seals are a much higher quality than the standard Maili offers, an additional safety seal was added to the front of the motor, we had an internal thermal protection sensor added, the lubrication is of a much higher grade and should last much longer than the usual cheap stuff all the budget manufacturers seem to use, the motor/gearbox paint is different to reflect the custom model, the speed control has plugs and sockets fitted rather than exposed pins, the motor output shaft is de-burred, The speed controller has a protector over the rear terminals and every motor is tested at the factory for noise and operation temperatures before packaging and shipping to Australia.

For those of us residing in the U.S are we able to buy the 110v Motors? and are they UL certified?

We now carry 110v AC motors. We don't have a massive range of them, but we stock the most commonly requested models.

Will I be able to use the Titan gearboxes on the GPG or V.T.V range to save cost?

If only... We'd save a fortune on all the gearboxes we have to carry.
No, while they may physically 'push' together and appear to fit, the cut of the helical output shafts are unique to each manufacturer. Bluntly, they are not compatible at all. Still, to satisfy your curiosity here's what happens.

The output shaft of the motor is ground down or the gearhead gets chewed out, or both. Now the gearbox is unusable because of all the metal flakes floating about, which have either scored the internal spur gears of the gearbox or caused a complete seizure due to the metal flakes scoring the internal bearings. Gearbox becomes interesting paperweight and conversation piece, motor is generally still useable, though no longer as a gear motor because the output shaft diameter is now approximately the thickness of a straw, and about as smooth too.

Just to drum this in a little more (because I seem to  get asked this time and time again), BE AWARE, just because 2 motors might have the same motor or gearbox code (e.g.) 5GU90K doesn't mean they are from the same manufacturer, this is a universal (Oriental Motor) coding system!

To give you a random real world example, a gearbox from the GPG AC/DC range is called a "5GU50K", the same gearbox in the V.T.V range is called a "5GU50K" and the same gearbox in the Titan range is also called a "5GU50K"
Understand? Three gearboxes from three manufacturers, all with the same model number! BUT, they will only fit to their own brand motor.

I know, life is unfair blah blah. Look at the bright side, at least you only have to buy what you need, we have to stock all these different gearboxes in quantities.


You mention differences in Planetary gear motors with regards to strength, can you explain?

Industrial Planetary Gear motors are made to be efficient and quiet while capable of running 24/7 (these are the type we keep a small range of in stock). They use a combination of hard and soft metals and plastic (on the first low torque stage) to reduce noise and decrease power consumption. The other types of Planetary Gear motors use hardened steel all the way through. They are just as strong but have very low efficiency ratings and can operate quite loudly (think of the sound a drill makes). Typically these are used for very heavy duty applications where noise is not an issue, like heavy duty motion for robotics! Similar types of heavy gearing are even found in the gearboxes of good quality handheld drills.

How do your planetary gear motors compare with brand xxx?

Our planetary gear motors were recently put through a 20 year life cycle test and passed with flying colors.
So as you might imagine, they are decent for the price! They are not the strongest on the market, but they are one of the better units for low noise, strength and durability.

The planetary units we source use high quality gearboxes and high quality motors (not cheap motors with plastic end caps) and are better value than anyone else. What more could you ask ?
The brand we sell is Fulling, which is a combination of German, Italian design coupled with Chinese manufacture. We just get the OEM versions rather than the packaged units.

 How do I wire up the Maili Titan motors or GPG motors?

Just take a look HERE, if you cant view this then look at the Information menu on the left and choose "Motion Dynamics Customer Support Information"


Note: Some of the questions asked have been rephrased to better suit the FAQ and have all come from phone and email enquiries.

Keep the questions coming please!, I'll add more F.A.Q as required!