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INDUSTRIAL 12V-48V DC Speed Controller 50A (PCB Model) HEAVY DUTY 1-32Khz Frequency (Adjustable!)
INDUSTRIAL 12V-48V DC Speed Controller 50A (PCB Model) HEAVY DUTY 1-32Khz Frequency (Adjustable!) 25/50a diagram Snubber circuit  diagram hall effect devices

INDUSTRIAL 12V-48V DC Speed Controller 50A (PCB Model) HEAVY DUTY 1-32Khz Frequency (Adjustable!)

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Ride-on Starter kit
Making your first buggy or cart? this is a great starting place!
We're offering a DC motor controller, DC brushed motor, hall effect foot throttle, and a reversing switch as a bundle!
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50A DC Motor Control - PCB Model DC Brushed Motor control
For Hall Effect Throttle Information, Please visit the throttle page to see all the models we have available

Well, here we are already at IV! We've made some changes to the design of the unit and we've increased the relaibility even further. This will be pretty much the final revision of this board as it's now at a point where its as tough as nails!

It's a high quality unit, that you can use for multiple applications over many years, not a cheap units that you get to use only once because it blew up. The series III (now series IV) was built to expand on the ranges of motors that customers typically tend to use, and we didn't just go a little overboard, we went WAY overboard.

High Power Design!
Simply, one of the best value units available on the market in its price range! Has features found only on controllers 2-3 times more expensive!
Lovingly Hand Crafted in Australia!


  • 12V-48V Input Voltage (Battery Bank) 12V-55V (Regulated Power Supply)
  • Simple to setup and use!
  • 0-100% Speed Regulation!
  • Constant torque with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • High Quality Industrial Design
  • Efficient High Voltage Regulator
  • On/Off Switch (Built in!)
  • 3 Soft start settings (Off, Slow, Slower) ramps up to the desired speed once the controller is switched on, and unlike cheap controllers every time you switch it off and on (using the switch) it will ramp up to speed again!
  • Burst Currents up to 50A for 10 seconds 
  • 40A Continuous duty
  • 2 Oz Double Sided PCB
  • High Speed Mosfet driver averaging 1.6uS opening/closing times
  • High Current 180A Mosfets with worlds lowest RDS On in TO-220!
  • Low Battery Voltage cut-out (for 12V, 24V and 36V)
  • Adjustable Frequency From 300Hz to 25Khz
  • Can work with Hall Effect Throttles (Model Dependent)
  • Over voltage Protected, ESD & EMF SPIKE Protected!
  • Filtering, Clamping & Snubber Protection Included
  • Adjustable Start Positioning for Hall effect and Potentiometer setups
  • 8 Way Terminal Block For simple connections
  • External connectors for Hall Effect or Potentiometer, so you can make your own cable lengths up to 5m!
  • Passive cooling! No fans to break down or sieze up!!
  • Highly Configurable!
  • Potentiometer, Hall effect throttle or Hall Effect Foot throttle options!
  • Suitable for use with power supplies (Doesn't feed excess power back into the source)
We shouldn't even have to say this but Please be AWARE of the current your motor draws. We've seen (and even sell) some motors that can be overdriven even though their rated loads are much lower. To give an example, a motor may be rated at 450W at 24V which should use about 24A, but when you power it up and have it under HEAVY loading, the current draw can go as high as 110-150A!

Setting up and Using your new controller!

Simply download the instructions on the 'Attachments' page !

Speed control Manual (25A-50A_Speed_Control_DOX101.pdf, 184 Kb) [Download]