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Interesting Places to Visit on the Web!

Some Interesting places I've found on the web in my travels. Some of these places I visit regularly, others I visit once in a while because the information there is so good!



If you need an OEM programmable logic controller (PLC) to go with our motor speed controllers, SPLat Controls Ptd Ltd make embedded controller cards (boards) for OEMs, and offer both off-the-shelf and custom machine control solutions.

Cheap PLC embedded programmable logic controller cards, OEM control computer boards -


Robot Combat Within Australia



Interested in making your own robots? Take a look here, theres plenty of help and support available for new builders.

RoboWars Australia

(Click the logo to open a new link to his page!)

Here's where we buy our spare part for customer projects, like solenoids, flipper parts and other assorted modules he has available for sale. 
He primarily deals in pinball repairs and has serviced every machine we've got. His pricing is fair, and if he can't fix it on the spot, he takes it away for a day or two and it comes back looking like a new machine.

This is one of the better suppliers for random parts that we've ever found. Excellent knowledge and has been active in the industry for over 20 years. So rather than digging into our own machines to repair them, when we're already time starved, we just call Jason, he's never failed to sort out!