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Worm Drive, 12V with High Torque and High Speed
Worm Drive, 12V with High Torque and High Speed Wormdrive gear motor Wormdrive gear motor Dimensions Wormdrive gear motor Wormdrive gear measurements

Worm Drive Motor 12V/24V 200W, 180 RPM, 20Nm Torque

$145.95 (Includes GST)
Weight: 2.9 kg
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Worm Drive Motor 12V or 24V 200W, 180 RPM, 20Nm Torque
Model: WORMDRV-G200-12

This 12 Volt heavy duty worm gear drive motor and gearbox is capable of moving up to 20Nm of torque between 150-180 (load dependant) RPM to your intended application. The worm drive gearbox itself is extremely tough and can handle forces up to 30Nm! 

We bought this unit in because not only is it extremely FAST for a worm drive, it also packs a punch in the torque department too. It's a rare kind of "best of both worlds" type motor, combining speed, torque and best of all, cost efficiency!

Because of the design, a worm drive generally has a decent holding torque, but because of the high speed design of this particulat gearbox and the non cogging characteristis of the motor, it is definitely not suitable for anything that requires holding torque. While it does have a little, you wouldn't trust it to be suitable as a brake at all.
It can be run both in forward and reverse directions and thanks to the good torque and decent speed it's proven itself to be a winner for a variety of different applications. 

You can mount a load to either side of the worm drive gearbox due to its hollow gearbox output shaft, though it can only be fixed from one side (it fits a 12mm shaft internally comfortably).

It's offers extremely good performance for the price and while not recommended, it can also be overdriven (but it will draw much more current!)

  • 12v No Load Current: 1.8 Amps

  • 24v No Load Current: 0.9A

  • Working Voltage: 12V or 24V DC (12V or 24V motors available dependant on stock levels)

  • Rated Torque: 20 Nm (Locked Rotor Torque)

  • Optimal torque: is 12.5Nm
  • Motor Speed: 3600 RPM/160-180 RPM at Gearbox dependant on load.

  • Rated Current 12/24 Volts: 16amps at 12v OR 8 Amps FOR 24v, No load rating of 1A

  • Holding torque : Low Holding torque, we've found these are quite easy to back drive, so if you need a worm drive with holding power this worm drive is not suitable.

*Please note that the shaft we supply is not a TIGHT fit. There is approximately a 0.3mm tolerance between the internal tube and the shaft.
If you want the shaft to be a little extra snug, you need it to be ~12.3mm! 

DC Voltage:
12V DC