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Unidirectional (low Cost)

Current Projects!

Model: Unidirectional (low Cost)
Priority: Medium-High

This is planned to be a low cost unidirectional unit, to compete with Chinese controllers.
It will be based on our very early controllers with some part revisions to keep the costs down and a few other modifications for reliability. These were robust units (with a lot of these still in operation!)

The design is already worked out, so this one is quite advanced in its development stages. The schematic has been drawn up and it just requires me to choose a case for those that want a case model, and then to just layout the board.
It will feature hall effect and potentiometer control, frequency adjustments and have a capability of about 25 Amps (though I may actually build it for higher currents)

As this model progresses, I will add more information here.

This model is finished and is now at the prototyping stages. It fits into our old cases and we've designed it to be good for currents up to 50A while still being extremely cheap!