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24V XYD-6 DC Brushed Motor 450W
24V XYD-6 DC Brushed Motor 450W XYD Front Motor 450W XYD-6B 450W 24V 2600 RPM with Chain Sprocket XYD-6B 450W 24V 2600 RPM with Chain Sprocket XYD performance chart XYD Rear Motor 450W

XYD-6B 450W 24V 2600 RPM with Chain Sprocket

$124.99 (Includes GST)
Weight: 2.800 kg
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XYD-6B - XYD-13 24V
Brushed 450W Motor


This was a motor brought out to compete with the Unite versions of the universal scooter motor. They are extremely high quality and have a much better overall build quality than the Unite versions. You can tell straight away from the feel, and when you pull them down.

We've seen this series sold as 500W, 600W, 700W and even 1000W etc. The fact is that these in this style ONLY come in 24V-48V 250W-450W. That's it. Really. No 1000W. Got it?
BUT... thanks to the great magnets and high build quality, the entire series have the ability to overdrive! This can be as high as about 600w-700W for the 350w model (voltage dependent) and as high as 1000w for the 450W (voltage dependent)

While you have almost no efficiency at this point, they'll do it. We asked the manufacturer about it, and they told us they will print the label for each customers requirements if the customer requests a change.
But most of the re-labeling is probably done by the Asian trading companies who resell these, so sometimes the buyer probably doesn't realise that they are buying the smaller motor (giving buyers the benefit of the doubt here)

So, if you see them in the same (or a very similar) case type as the pictures above, you will know exactly what they are. If you don't believe us, and you want to pay $100+ for a 1000W model, go for it (something about a fool and his money springs to mind...)
The high powered version of this motor is an ALL alloy frame unit. Not alloy top and base with a steel body. All alloy, with little cooling fins. Got it ? They are much more expensive. You'll almost never see the performance data either because that would show the peak efficiency is not where the label says it should be.

Remember if you buy a controller for these motors, they can seriously overdrive! So take this into account when you choose the current rating for it! The reason for most of the controller failures is simply Overcurrent, we have customers that buy a 25A controllers. Then they complain that it broke after an hour of use, and when we get them back and look at the damage, its always the same! They've seriously gone way over the rated current limits!

These motors are used in Currie electric scooters including: Schwinn, Mongoose, eZip, IZIP and GT.

Rated Power: 450W
Rated Current: 28A 
Style : Brushed Motor
Reversible: Yes
Current Draw: See Chart
Rated Speed: 2600 RPM
Efficiency: Greater than 75%
Number of teeth: 11, Pitch 6.35
Weight: 2.45kg