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MY8216 dc motor 200w 12V or 24V
MY8216 dc motor 200w 12V or 24V 8216 dc motor side 12V/24V 8216 dc motor behind 12V/24V 8216 dc motor top 12V/24V 8216 dc motor shaft 12V/24V Motor dimensions1 Motor dimensions2

Unite MY8216 200W 12V or 24V DC Motor 3200 RPM

$95.18 (Includes GST)
Weight: 2.400 kg


This 12V or 24V brushed DC 200W motor is a popular choice for the hobbyist through to the industrial machine builder.
It's definitely a lot of motor for the price! An incredibly sturdy, well built unit featuring a strong starting torque with smooth operation, regardless of whether its at the lowest or highest rpm!

The motor is lightweight and quite easy to turn by hand, and unlike similar motors in the same class there's very little cogging when you turn it, so if you wanted to play with lightweight generator then its a good starting point for the tinkerer in you!

The flange shape makes it suitable for industrial mounting. The motor is available in both 12V or 24V DC. It is the industrial version of the MY8216 scooter motor.

Please note: in the 24V models this only available now as a 34mm length 10mm D-Cut Shaft. The keyway model has sold out and will not be replaced.
If you have a preference for one or the other, please let us know in the order notes, otherwise we'll send whatever we grab off the shelf.

Please take note that the shaft for this unit has changed again! It is slightly longer than the previous models with a M8 thread at the very beginning of the shaft.

Popular motor for industrial or hobbyist applications!

  • 3200 RPM (No Load) 2700 RPM (Rated Load)
  • 200W Power
  • Rated current 23A (12V) 11.0A (24V)
  • No Load Current: 12V 4.5A after run in 1.7A - 24V 2.5A after run in 0.9A
  • 12V or 24V DC
  • No Cogging
  • Sturdy Design
  • Efficiency: 72%
  • 2000 Hour Brush Life
  • Replaceable Brushes
  • Weight: 2.3Kg
  • Low cost!