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24 Volt DC Motors

24 Volt DC Gear Motors:

Standard 24V gear motors used for Automotive, Industrial and hobbyist or Prototyping applications. Gear motors are a DC Motor with a gearbox fitted to the front of the motor.  These are generic 24v gearbox motors useful for a lot of applications. The gearbox generally trades the raw speed of the DC motor and converts that to torque in a term labelled as mechanical advantage. the gear motors listed here are generally spur type gearboxes. Spur gearbox types will (most of the time) have an offset output shaft to the motor 


$47.30 (Inc GST)
  Rear Belt driven Scooter Wheel With Brake DC 24V 100W 1200 RPM These have an average speed of 1200 RPM. The unloaded current is...
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$81.00 (Inc GST)
MY1016Z Geared United 250W, 24V DC Brushed Motor, 400 RPM This popular reduction motor is simply the most commonly used motor for Scooters,...

$98.90 (Inc GST)
MY1016Z Geared United 350W, 24V DC Brushed Motor, 400 RPM This popular reduction motor is the big brother of the most commonly used motor for...
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$111.95 (Inc GST)
    United 250W, 24V DC Brushed Gear Motor, 380 RPM High Power - Alloy Body - Can Overdrive for more power   These are an extremely...
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$144.95 (Inc GST)
    United 450W, 24V DC Brushed Gear Motor, 440 RPM     These are an extremely fast and powerful motor. The were designed as an electric...

$138.90 (Inc GST)
24V XYD-16 450W Geared Motor 395 RPM (A High quality replacement for the Unite MY1018Z 450W Geared Motor)      When the XYD company...

$104.50 (Inc GST)
MY1016LZ 350W 24V Gear Motor (Direct Drive)   This is a VERY interesting motor. It Has a lower speed than most of the XYD type direct drive...
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$183.39 (Inc GST)
24V 500W XYD-18 Gear Motor with Axle    These XYD motors have their own axel which they drive from (direct drive). So you can basically mount...
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$128.90 (Inc GST)
  MY1020ZX Dayton 500W, 24V DC Brushed Planetary Gear Motor, 500 RPM Not a Unite Motor, but a Dayton!   Our highest power 24V...