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1000w Brushless Motor
1000w Brushless Motor brushless motor diagram Dimensions Hall Effect Throttle Types Brushless 48V 1000W Motor + FREE BI-Directional Controller Brushless 48V 1000W Motor + FREE BI-Directional Controller

Brushless 48V 1000W Motor + FREE BI-Directional Controller

$189.00 (Includes GST)
Weight: 5.000 kg
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High Powered Brushless DC Motor 1020 48V 1000W+Controller
Brushless Motor, suitable for Karts, buggies, golf buggies and more!

High Efficiency and a great build quality make this an excellent motor to choose for an efficient project build with a low budget price!

Voltage: 48V
Wattage: 1000W
Rated Current: 30A
No Load: 5600 RPM
Rated Speed: 4500 RPM
Rated Load: 2.1Nm
Sprocket type: 11t sprocket for T8F Chain

Controller Included (bi-directional). Hand throttle not included but can be purchased separately. Note that these types of controllers are designed for brushless ebike kits so they require a hall effect throttle. They are not designed for use with a potentiometer, but you could modify the input to be within the range.

Note that these use a generic ebike controller with all the connections labeled in poor chinglish. I'll break it down so its easy to wire up.

The thick RED and BLACK is the POWER (Marked POWER)
The THICK Blue Green and Yellow are the Motor wires (No Marking)
The THIN Red, Yellow, Green, Black and Blue are the hall sensor wires and go to the motor (Marked Hall)
The THIN yellow/Black are the reverse (Short to reverse) (Marked REVERSE)
The THIN Orange and Red is the Power Switch (Short to turn on) (Marked Electric Door Lock)
The THIN Red, Green, Black is the Hall effect connector (made sure the hall effect throttle you use matches!)
For example, this controller has RED, GREEN, BLACK for its throttle input connection, so always make sure the throttle you plug in is also RED, GREEN, BLACK or RED, WHITE, BLACK.

We have some hall effect controllers that are RED, Black and White, so for these you would need to swap the black and white around before you joined them. There are plenty of diagrams on the web if you need to reference what I've said here. Just Google "brushless eBike controller diagram"

 Note: The controller provided with this motor is a generic motor controller. The reason we give these controllers for free is because even though they are a decent controller they can be a pain in the backside for inexperienced people to wire up. If you get stuck with the wiring, do a google image search for a 1000w brushless controller and try to find something with similar wiring to the controller supplied and copy the connections from there. Good Luck with your project!

Please NOTE! These are not compatible with the foot throttles in the dropdown list!