12V DC 100W Motor, 2750 RPM12V DC 100W Motor, 2750 RPM
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12V DC 100W Motor, 2750 RPM Motor face dimensions Motor dimensions

United MY6812 12V DC 100W, 2750 RPM Electric Motor (Belt)


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MY6812 12VDC 100W Motor

Popular as a scooter motor or general application motor. Extremely durable and reliable.
Commonly found in 12V scooters or even small kiddies carts and It's also been a proven motor in robotics!
100% Ball Bearing construction!

There are a few different versions of this motor with the earlier versions having a body length between 97-100mm.
It just depends on what revision of the motor you get. The newer versions of this motor are shorter than the original, though the face mounting is the same as is the design of the motor (the only changes are in the core winding and magnets).

Some of these were also available with a 2 screw face fixture, but the 3 screw face plate is more common and more widely used (as well as being more secure).
The ones we sell are the 100W version, though a 150w version is also available (and we may stock it at some point in the future) as these really are a low cost reliable motor.

The belt drive is fitted to an 8mm d-cut shaft with a circlip. If you wish to remove it, you can simply remove the circlip and slide it off. Some companies glue these in place, but its not required as the fit is firm.

Note that we sell this in two versions, a Belt drive unit (which is this one) and a chain drive unit!

Used in scooters such as the Currie Technologies and Razer E100


Technical Specs:

Voltage: 12v
No-Load Current: 1a
RPM: 3500
Torque: 0.35
Loaded RPM: 2600-3000
Wattage: 100W
Rated Current: 12a
Efficiancy: 70%
Weight: 1.3Kgs