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Worm Drive, 12V with High Torque and High Speed
Worm Drive, 12V with High Torque and High Speed motor from side motor from side motor from back motor from side motor diagram performance chart

Worm Drive Motor 12V 180W, 30/40 RPM, 20-100Nm Torque

$210.10 (Includes GST)
Weight: 5.600 kg
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Worm Gear Motor ZD1735 20-100Nm 30 and 40 RPM


These are traditionally built and used for car wipers, but they can also be run as a highly efficient worm drive motor.
This particular unit has extremely tight tolerances (zero backlash) and an ultra smooth motor and gearbox. It is all metal construction.
While it is operating you can barely hear it, that's how quiet the motor and gearbox are. 

This unit has a base rating of 20nM, and will overdrive to a maximum (and stall at) 100nM. It is an extremely powerful motor for its small size.
It operates from 12V and has 2 operational speeds (either 30 RPM or 40 RPM - User selectable speeds)

These are a good choice if you are on a budget simply for the fact you can overdrive them with little more than some extra current. The worm will actually stall at 100Nm but it will only hold torque to about 80% of its rated load (so between 18-20nM).

There are a few different manufacturers that make this motor and gearbox combination with the same name (or similar), but we believe we've found the best. This is an extremely well built unit and represents great value for the cost.

To connect these as a normal worm drive, hook the Negative to the chassis of the unit, and either the Green wire or Blue wire for low or high speeds.

Technical Parameter:


Rated Voltage: 12V-13.5V
Rated Power : 180W
No load current: 2.5A/4.5A
Loaded Current: See Chart in pictures
No-Load Speed 30/40 RPM
Loaded Speed 25/35 RPM
Stall Current 65A Max
Stall Torque 100nM


Wiring is as follows:

Fast RPM:

Battery (+) goes to the black

Battery (-) goes to the white

Slow RPM:

Battery (+) goes to the black

Battery (-) goes to the blue

to reverse the polariity, simply exchange the position of the battery postivie for the battery negative


There isnt any reason to use the yellow or red wires.