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Powered scooter wheel
Powered scooter wheel rear kids scooter wheel 100W 24V Belt driven kids scooter wheel Belt driven kids scooter wheel Scooter wheel

100W Belt Drive Scooter Rear Wheel W/Brake, 24V, 1200 RPM

$52.03 (Includes GST)
Weight: 2.300 kg
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Rear Belt driven Scooter Wheel With Brake

DC 24V 100W 1200 RPM

These have an average speed of 1200 RPM. The unloaded current is 1.8A at 24V and the current under hard loading is approx 14A and the stall is 10A at 24V.
It's interesting to note just how much power these actually have. I couldn't accurately measure the torque (I don't have the right equipment), but it feels quite decent considering the high RPM of the wheel.

They are fitted with a brake module too, you just need a bike style brake cable to activate them. Replacement belts are available if you break a belt or just want a spare.

These are a decent quality rear scooter wheel, though I'm not sure which scooter they were originally built for!

The entire module is designed to be a simple swap out/replace type of component. With some hacking and a few of these you could built yourself an awesome and totally custom ride!