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Brushless Motors

Straight DC Brushless Motors

Are you looking for a motor that can handle high-performance and demanding applications? Look no further than our selection of brushless gearless motors! With power ranges between 350W and 2000W, and voltage options of 24V to 60V, our motors are designed to provide unmatched reliability, durability and efficiency.

Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors because they have no brush wear and they have longer life expectancy. This is especially true when it comes to gearless brushless motors, which have no gears to wear out and no maintenance required.

Our motors offer an exceptional combination of high power output and low noise operation, making them ideal for a wide variety of projects including scooters, e-bikes, golf carts, robotic projects and even heavy-duty industrial applications.

In addition, these motors are also highly customizable and adaptable, making them the perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists who are looking to build powerful, high-performance machines.