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AC and DC Motors, Speed Controllers, Gearboxes, Actuators, Worm Drives, Electronics and so much more!

Welcome to Motion Dynamics Australia(MDA) 
We're an independently owned company with over 30 years of experience importing, distributing and manufacturing AC/DC motors, electronic controllers and other motion-related products.
Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience, whether you're looking for the perfect product at a competitive price or need a custom solution tailored to your specific needs, we can help.

New Contact Numbers: Gone are the days of a landline. A mobile is far more useful, especially when you come to us with an idea, but with no idea how to make it happen. You can send images to us which makes our lives far easier and gives your project a far greater prospect of working when you DO build it. 

Primary Number: 0478 535 743 Secondary Number: 0478 535 745 (Please note), if the first number is BUSY, it auto forwards to the second number and if that doesn't answer, that means the the second number is also busy but has no redirect or ability to leave a message, so it will ring out. So, theres no need to call the secondary number after the first is busy, because if it rings out then we're both on the phone! if this happens just wait 5 minutes and call back on the primary number. 

Gotten what you pay for? This is something on the grow since 2019. But sadly, we're seeing this FAR more often than we did before. It's mainly from people that shop by price only. We see them, simply because they fail so often and the customer has come to ask our advice. When people come in for replacement motors, it represents a growing number of fraud cases. Which brings us to the most important detail.

Mislabeled/Misrepresented Products:

    • Lower-Rated Products with Fake Labels: Unfortunately, some suppliers have resorted to misleading customers by offering lower-rated products with deceptive stickers. Most people can't tell the difference, its an effective but dishonest way to make a profit.

    • Example: A 250W motor might be labeled as a 350W motor, or a 350W replacement motor might actually be a 250W-280W motor. These suppliers often undercut our prices by around 10% to make their offers look more attractive and us look more expensive. The irony is, you could have bought the same motor from us, for cheaper than the fake with the same power.

    • Lower Wattage Motors = Lower Prices: Remember that lower wattage motors are significantly cheaper. If a price seems too good to be true for the power it offers, it likely is.

    • Price Increases in Recent Years: The cost of all our products has increased substantially over the past 4-5 years, making it even more important to be vigilant against misleading offers.

    • Be Careful across All Product Ranges: This issue affects a wide range of products that we sell, expecially actuators and common commercial DC motors. So exercise caution when making your purchases. Ebay and Amazon sellers can misrepresent something easily, just because you often wont have the knowledge to discern any issues with your purchase.

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