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Dealers of AC and DC Motors, Speed Controllers, Gearboxes, Actuators, Electronics and more!

Motion Dynamics Australia is an independently owned company specialising in the import & distribution of AC/DC motors along with a host of other motion related products.
With over 20 years experience in sourcing and sales of electric motors, you can be sure that we'll supply you with the right products, at the right prices. 
When required, we can even supply custom motor solutions for you if the standard product doesn't quite suit your requirements!

Since we began trading way back in 2009, our goals have been clear and simple. Provide good products, good service and most importantly to us is to supply every product, at a price that keeps business (and hopefully, Jobs too)  in Australia.

54T T8F Wheel Sprocket

54T Wheel Sprocket for T8F chain

  $21.95 (Inc GST)
11t Motor Sprocket T8F

11T 8 Pitch Motor Sprocket for T8F Chain (1020G/GD)

  $10.95 (Inc GST)

Dual Axis Joystick (Self Centering) 10K

  $44.00 (Inc GST)
Ip65 Linear Actuator

500mm Stroke 35mm/Sec 12V 200N

  $123.12 (Inc GST)
GPG DC 40W 12V/24V 80mm

80mm 40 Watt DC Motor 12/24 Volt

  $90.27 (Inc GST)
GPG DC 60W 12V/24V 90mm

90mm 60 Watt DC Motor 12/24 Volt

  $107.93 (Inc GST)
4µF, 500V AC Start/Run Capacitor (CBB61)

4µF, 500V AC Start/Run Capacitor (CBB61) terminal

  $6.05 (Inc GST)
Linear actuator 5mm/sec 200mm stroke, 5000N

200mm Stroke 5mm Speed 5000N

  $119.65 (Inc GST)
Ip65 Linear Actuator

150mm Stroke 5mm/Sec 12V 1000N

  $110.74 (Inc GST)
25t Motor Sprocket #25

25T 6.35 Pitch Motor Sprocket for #25 Chain

  $7.95 (Inc GST)
12µF, 500V AC Start/Run Capacitor (CBB61)

12µF, 500V AC Start/Run Capacitor (CBB61)

  $7.15 (Inc GST)
Motor Start Capacitor

47-56µF, 250V Motor Start Capacitor

  $13.95 (Inc GST)
MY8216 Brushes Set of 2

Unite MY8216 150w-350W DC Brushes (Set of 2)

  $6.95 (Inc GST)
12V DC 100W Motor, 2750 RPM

United MY6812 12V DC 100W, 2750 RPM Electric Motor (Belt)

  $31.00 (Inc GST)
XYD-16 Monster power! 450W 24V

XYD-16 450W 24V Geared Motor 395 RPM (Replaces MY1018Z)

  $129.00 (Inc GST)
MY7618 brush plate with brushes

MY7618 Brush Plate with Brushes

  $12.95 (Inc GST)
Motor Front Veiw

Industrial 375W 12/24V 1400RPM DC Motor

  $328.90 (Inc GST)

Industrial 480W 12/24V 1400RPM DC Motor For Wormdrive

  $350.90 (Inc GST)

ZD1430B 40W 12V Dual Speed 27/40 RPM DC Geared Motor With Bracket

  $71.49 (Inc GST)
Motor Start Capacitor

130-156µF, 250V Motor Start Capacitor

  $13.95 (Inc GST)
24V XYD-6B DC Brushed Motor 350W

XYD-6B 350W 24V 2600 RPM with Chain Sprocket

  $56.90 (Inc GST)