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GPG Gearboxes

GPG AC/DC Gearboxes

Gearboxes to suit your GPG Motor only!

2GN fits all 60mm Motors (AC 6w, DC 6w, 15w) - 8mm output shaft
4GN Fits all 80mm Motors (AC 25w, DC 40w) - 10mm output shaft
5GN (AC 40w, 60w, DC 40w, 60w) - 12mm output shaft
5GU (AC 90w, 120w, DC 90w) - 15mm output shaft


$84.41 (Includes GST) ($84.41 AUD)
GPG AC/DC 2GN (60mm) Gearboxes.

$94.70 (Includes GST) ($94.70 AUD)
GPG AC/DC 4GN (80mm) Gearboxes.

$121.41 (Includes GST) ($121.41 AUD)
Gearboxes to suit all GPG AC & DC 40w and 60w 90mm Motors

$186.97 (Includes GST) ($186.97 AUD)
For all 90w & 120W Motors, 19.6Nm torque.