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36V 800W 3000 RPM
36V 800W 3000 RPM 36v 800W dc motor 36v 3000 rpm fromt connector motor diagram performance chart performance chart performance chart

Unite MY1020 36V 800W 3000 RPM 28.5A

$164.95 (Includes GST)
Weight: 4.600 kg
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Unite ZY1020G Straight Motor (MY1020)
800W 36V Motor, 3000 RPM, Mounting Bracket


Used primarily for high powered scooters this has also seen use as a popular bike motor. Low cost and suitable where you want some power but don't have the space for that additional battery! 
You would use these in a bike or trike for example where you want to retain the gears (note: illegal to ride on roads, Power output is way too high!)

Note that Unite sell a similar model as a 1000W motor, even though their peak efficiency is at 800W ( same as this motor) , both this motor and the unite will do 1000W+, but with diminishing efficiency!

Rated Power: 800W
Voltage: 36V
RPM: 3000
Rated Current draw: 28.86A (See performance data)