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Unite MY1020 36V 800W 3000 RPM 28.5A

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Weight: 4.500 kg
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Unite ZY1020G Straight Motor (MY1020)
800W 36V Motor, 3000 RPM, Mounting Bracket


Used primarily for high powered scooters this has also seen use as a popular bike motor. Low cost and suitable where you want some power but don't have the space for that additional battery! 
You would use these in a bike or trike for example where you want to retain the gears (note: illegal to ride on roads, Power output is way too high!)

Note that Unite sell a similar model as a 1000W motor, even though their peak efficiency is at 800W ( same as this motor) , both this motor and the unite will do 1000W+, but with diminishing efficiency!

Rated Power: 800W
Voltage: 36V
RPM: 3000
Rated Current draw: 28.86A (See performance data)