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Home Brewer Special: DC Worm drive with DC Bi-Direction Controller
Home Brewer Special: DC Worm drive with DC Bi-Direction Controller Home Brewer Special: DC Worm drive with DC Bi-Direction Controller DC Worm drive Dimensions DC Worm drive Dimensions Home Brewer Special: DC Worm drive with DC Bi-Direction Controller 125A Shut-down Switch Dimensions 125A Shut-down switch wiring guide. Home Brewer Special: DC Worm drive with DC Bi-Direction Controller

Home Brewer Special: DC Worm drive with DC Bi-Direction Controller

List price: $205.90
$169.66 (Includes GST)
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Weight: 3.14 kg
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Aussie Home Brewer Milling Motor COMBO Deal!

Worm drive motor and gearbox and DC Bi-Directional Speed control

the Home Brewer Special, an essential package tailored for enthusiasts seeking an elevated home brewing experience. The core of this set features a precision-engineered DC Worm drive, ensuring efficient stirring for optimal ingredient blending. Paired with the DC Bi-Direction Control, this bundle allows you to dictate the stirring motion's direction effortlessly, providing unparalleled flexibility to experiment with various brewing techniques and flavor profiles.

Safety is paramount, and we've included the options to add a 125A Shut-off switch, offering instant power cutoff for secure brewing sessions. This high-amperage switch is designed to meet the demands of your brewing equipment, ensuring a controlled environment.

Whether you're a seasoned brewmaster or a beginner, the Home Brewer Special combines innovation and craftsmanship to empower you in creating exceptional beverages. From precise stirring to customizable controls and reliable safety features, this package is your key to unlocking the full potential of home brewing. Elevate your craft with the Home Brewer Special and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting the perfect brew in the comfort of your home.

Purchased seperately, all of the componants that make up the base kit are valued at $205.90! 
Being the oldest continouous kit that we've sold we take great pride in ensuring that it represents great value!!

The main picture shows the kit as we supply it (The steel shaft, and shut down switch are shown seperately they're optional).
All you will need to source is a Switch Mode Power supply (around $33), a 12mm shaft that goes internally into the gearbox drive shaft and a coupling to go from the 12mm shaft to the shaft dimension of your mill.


This heavy duty Worm Drive motor and gearbox is capable of moving up to 20Nm of torque at speeds between 160-180 RPM to your mill. The worm drive gearbox itself is extremely tough and can actually handle forces greater than 30Nm for short periods!
The motor package is extremely durable. To give you an example, we had one customer who bought one of the very first units we offered up for sale 5 years ago. They used the motor for 2 years daily while they prepared to open their brewing shop. When they opened the shop, they had the motor running SOLID every day for 3 years. We sourced this unit, because not only is it extremely fast for a worm drive, it also packs a punch in the torque range too. Its a best of both worlds type motor, combining both speed and power. You can mount a load to either side of the worm drive gearbox, though it can only be fixed from one side.

DC Worm Drive Motor:

No Load Current: 1.8 Amps
Working Voltage: 12-16V Volts DC
Peak Torque: 20 N.m (Newton Meters)
Optimal Torque: 12.5 N.m

Motor Speed: 3600 RPM/160-180 RPM at Gearbox
Rated Current: 16-20A

*Please note that the shaft we supply is not a TIGHT fit. There is approximately a 0.3mm tolerance between the internal tube and the shaft.
If you want the shaft to be a little extra snug, you need it to be ~12.3mm! 
(Dimensions can be found in the photo gallery at the top of the page)

DC Bi-Directional PCB Controller:

Output voltage: linear under load (from 10V to 55v max, so realistically you wouldn't push it past 48V)
Maximum current: 60A (Momentarily)
Continuous current: 40A
Speed regulation type: Voltage regulation
Speed regulation mode: Potentiometer (linear)
Speed range: 0—100%
Control frequency: 15KHZ
Wiring type: Terminal Knob, with speed regulation (PWM) and a built in off switch that powers the controller off.
Pot Specification: 100K (with switch)
Wiring type: Fence terminal block
PCB size: 101MM*76MM*28MM

125A Emergency Shut-off Switch

Rated Voltage: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 84V, 120V
Contact Circuit Rated Load: 125A Cont.
Typical Voltage Drop across contacts per 100A: 40mV
Insulation Resistance: 20MOhm
Electrical Breakdown Resistance: 50Hz/60Hz 1000V AC
Typical Failure Point: 1000A/5ms at 48V DC
Electrical Switch Life: 10,000 uses
Mechanical Switch Life:1 Million uses
Working Specification: Contuinous Duty Cycle