2GN, 4GN, 5GN, 5GU Gearboxes


GPG AC/DC Gearboxes

Gearboxes to suit your GPG Motor only!

2GN fits all 60mm Motors (AC 6w, DC 6w, 15w)
4GN Fits all 80mm Motors (AC 25w, DC 40w)
5GN (AC 40w, 60w, DC 40w, 60w)
5GU (AC 90w, 120w, DC 90w)


GPG AC/DC 60mm (2GN Gearbox, 6W)
  $63.94 (Inc GST)

GPG AC/DC 2GN (60mm) Gearboxes.

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GPG AC/DC 80mm (4GN Gearbox, 25W)
  $71.74 (Inc GST)

GPG AC/DC 4GN (80mm) Gearboxes.

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Gearboxes to suit all GPG AC & DC 40w and 60w 90mm Motors

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For all 90w & 120W Motors, 19.6Nm torque.

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