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AC Gear motor 80mm with Electromagnetic Brake
AC Gear motor 80mm with Electromagnetic Brake Dimensions gearbox gearbox key

80mm 25 Watt Geared Brake Motor

$164.43 (Includes GST)
Weight: 2.1 kg
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25W Geared induction Motor 

GPG 25W Geared AC Electromagnetic Brake Motor, suitable for single direction operation, or reversing operations (Reversing operations can only happen once the motor has come to a complete stop) with all loads that require a physical brake to stop the load quickly and hold it if required. The Braking is applied at the motor and so is amplified through the gearbox depending on your reduction ratio.

Supplied as: Lead Wire type only.
Available in: Single Phase, 220-240V, 3-Phase 220-240v, 3-Phase 380-415V

 Motor Information:



Gearbox Selection Guide
Use to determine the required torque and RPM

4GN Ratios: 3:1 - 200:1


Motor Length: 129mm
3:1-20:1 Length: 32mm
25:1-200:1 Length: 44mm

To get the total length just add the motor length to the length of the gearbox that you require.


A Wiring diagram can be found here:

Note: Should only be wired by a LICENSED Electrical Installer.
Please note that speeds can vary between 2-20% dependant on motor loading!