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CBB22 1uF 630V Capacitor

Capacitor 1uf 630V Metallized Film Capacitor

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Rated Voltage: 630v
Capacitance: 1uF (Microfarad)

Metallized film (NOT WIREWOUND which can create its own induction!)
Size Width = 27.5mm, Height = 16mm, Length of legs= 25mm
Good quality Heavy duty capacitor that you can use to reduce induction from your motor to your speed controller. 

The longer your motor to controller leads are, the worse induction becomes. This means your controllers capacitors and diodes need to work that much harder to smooth out the voltage spikes caused by the motor and amplified by the wire. By placing one of these directly across your motor's Positive and Negative terminals you reduce the induction by a HUGE amount which means the induction that reaches your controller is greatly reduced and gives your controller a MUCH longer service life.

You would be surprised at how often we see controllers come back because people have used really long wires (3-4m) between the motor and controller. Blown capacitors and burned out diodes. It's not a cheap repair but its a repair that could have so easily have been avoided.

A small investment that can save an $$expensive$$ controller repair!

Suitable for wire lengths of 1m+ with high current motors