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1200W Brushless Motor BM1424ZXF 48V + FREE `Controller
1200W Brushless Motor BM1424ZXF 48V + FREE `Controller Dimensions

1200W Brushless Motor BM1424ZXF 48V + FREE `Controller

$439.98 (Includes GST)
Weight: 11.5 kg
Out of stock

48V 1200W Geared Brushless Motor + Controller

Please note that while we do have these units in stock, we do not have controllers.

If you want to get one and source your own controller, please give us a call to arange.


Excellent universal 48V Brushless motor, suitable for bikes, scooters, buggies, karts and more!
In reality, it can be used for a variety of different applications!

This motor is an upgrade for the BM1418XF, with twice the power, this motor can well and truly be a tremendous powerhouse!

It is supplied with a bi-directional Speed Controller so you are able to easily connect it and have it ready to go out of the box! 
Note that you will need a hall effect throttle to hook up to the controller (these can be found under our DC speed control category!)

Note: The controller provided with this motor is a generic motor controller. The reason we give these controllers for free is because even though they are a decent controller they can be a pain in the backside for inexperienced people to wire up. If you get stuck with the wiring, do a google image search for a 1200w brushless controller and try to find something with similar wiring to the controller supplied and copy the connections from there. Good Luck with your project!

Model: BM1424ZXF

Rated Operating Voltage: 48V DC
Rated Power: 1200W
Rated Speed:  2850RPM
No Load Speed: 3800RPM
Full Load Current: 36A
No Load Current: 6.3A
Efficiency: >80%
Gear Speed: 650 RPM
Torque from motor: 16Nm
Gear Ratio:5:1

Please NOTE! These are not compatible with the foot throttles in the dropdown list!