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60W 3200 RPM Industrial Geared DC Motor 12V

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GPG 5GU Gearbox
GPG 5GN Gearbox
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GPG 90mm 60W 12V 3200 RPM Geared DC Motor


The GPG DC geared motor range includes 12V or 24V and even 90V DC motors. The motors are industrial and are made to run 24/7 (continuously). The power output of this range extends from 6 watts through to 90 watts. Higher rating motors are available in the series, though cost is quite high after 90w and other types of motor and gearbox should be considered.

Occasionally you will notice  the torque figures of the higher ratio gearboxes are less than the actual torque available. This is the marked safety margin of the gearbox. While more torque is generally available, the motor and gearbox should not be pushed past this point for gearbox and motor longevity. The 2GN (60mm) gearbox has a peak output of 3Nm, the 4GN gearbox has a peak output of 8Nm, the 5GN gearbox has a peak torque of 10Nm, and the 5GU series has a peak torque of 20Nm.

This series of DC motors is available in 2 speeds, 1800 RPM and 3200 RPM.  The torque and current figures remain the same, however the speed at the gearbox changes. Make sure of the motor speed when you replace existing DC motors or your output may either be half the speed or twice as fast!
Please note that speeds can vary between 2-20% dependant on motor loading!

Features & Benefits

  • A budget solution for OEM applications with no plastic or bronze gears used in the construction of the gear motor
  • Maintenance-free operation for the life of the unit
  • High quality construction utilising the latest Japanese machinery along with sealed ball bearings, Hardened steel gears, and a precision milled rugged alloy housing
  • Parallel shaft involute gears offer maximum efficiency
  • Sealed, grease-lubricated construction requires no maintenance
  • Full bearing gearboxes
  • 2000 Hour brush life with a quick release brush system


  • Food Processing Machines
  • Industrial Food Equipment
  • Roller, Belt and Ramp Conveyor systems
  • Automation, Sealing and Packaging Equipment
  • Medical Instruments and Healthcare Products
  • Stirrers, Agitators and Churns
  • Automated Bank Machines, Turnstiles and Money Sorters
  • Grinders, Presses, Woodworking Machinery
  • Amusement Machines and Automated Sports Equipment

Motor Information:



5GN Gearbox Speed/Torque Chart:


5GU Gearbox Speed/Torque Chart: 




5GN Gearbox

Gearbox & Motor Lengths> Total Length = L3



Motor Reduction Ratio L1 L2 L3
5I(R)K60GN 1:3 ~ 1:20 43 125 168
1:25 ~ 1:200 61 125 186





5GU Gearbox

Gearbox & Motor Lengths> Total Length = L3



Motor Reduction Ratio L1 L2 L3
5I(R)K60GN 1:3 ~ 1:20 43 125 168
1:25 ~ 1:200 65 125 190