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350W Unite MY7618 24V 3000RPM DC Motor

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Weight: 2.150 kg
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Straight DC Motor Unite MY7618
350W 24V 3000 RPM

These are small motors that pack an incredible punch for their size. They have a greater than 78% efficiency and come in sizes from 350W to 600w. This is an incredible amount of power for the small frame size.
This 350W 24V brushed motor can put out a staggering 1.11 Nm of torque at 3000 rpm. They are commonly retrofitted to scooters where they are used to replace the smaller 100W-200W MY6812 etc.
It's an incredible power boost and will allow you to change the ratios for greater power or speed, but its unlikely it would be a simple drop in replacement seeing as this motor is both wider and longer.
Still, where's the fun in life without a bit of modding here and there!

Output 350W / 24V
No load speed is 3300 RPM +/- 3.5%
Loaded speed : 3000 RPM
No Load current : 0.8A-1.8A
Torque : 1.11 Nm
Rated current 18.3A
Efficiency Greater than 78%

Fitted with an 11 tooth sprocket for #25 Chain