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250W 12V or 24V (030\040) NMRV Worm Drive - From 14 to 140 RPM and 10-55Nm

$434.50 (Inc GST)
By default the gearbox doesn't have a shaft. Add one here.
Weight: 7.8 kg
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Industrial Heavy Duty 12V or 24V
DC Worm Drive Geared Motor 250W
High Efficiency, High Quality, High Torque, Low Noise and Low Price!
Ranges start from 14 RPM @ 55 Nm (040 Gearbox Only) and as fast as 140 RPM @ 10Nm ! 
(and all those in between!)

Select the motor options you want from the model list below !

030 Gearbox Guide 


040 Gearbox Guide


Heavy duty worm drive gear motors. These units offer efficiency and exceptional value for money.

It is suitable for all tasks including heavy duty trolleys, conveying systems, boat lifters, steering systems and more. 

The construction of this unit consists of a high effi

ciency, high quality DC brushed motor coupled to a precision, low tolerance cast alloy gearbox with a steel worm and phosphor bronze spur! 

The IP rating of the motor and gearbox is 44.

The motors are completely serviceable and replaceable brushes are available!