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Ultra high speed brushless motor & controller
Ultra high speed brushless motor & controller Dimensions

200W Ultra high speed 33,800RPM brushless DC motor with attached control module

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200W Ultra high speed, inner rotor, brushless motor with drive controller.

Originally a motor designed for use in high end vacuum cleaner, this 200W brushless beast is an ideal choice for extremely high RPM, low duty applications!

It's nominal voltage range is DC18V-24V. This produces rotational speeds between 25000 rpm and 33800 rpm (Rated voltage is DC 21.6V, 30,000 rpm).

This brushless motor is a three-phase eight-wire brushless motor with Hall effect.

Wiring it up is a breeze; because the board is pre attached, all you need to do is connect the battery positive to the red wire, and the battery negative to the black wire. Just be ready when you make the connections because all 30,000 RPM will jump into action!
Note: For brushless DC motors, the positive and negative poles cannot be reversed. The red wire is connected to the positive pole and the black wire is connected to the negative pole. If it is connected incorrectly, the drive board can, and will, burn out.

The controller board comes pre attached to the unit and is as simple as it's able to be, no access to speed control, no on/off function, just a single button for the speed boost, which can be activated from as low as 12.4V ± .1V
We've found that the motor will still run when connected to voltages as low as 7.3V ± .1V and still achieve an impressive 10,000 RPM. Though at this low voltage the speed boost will not function.

The downside to having this much speed and power in such a small package is the heat, and this little motor generates a LOT of it.
Given its origins as a vacuum cleaner motor, this is hardly a supprise, its reliant on huge amounts of airflow to keep it cool enough to operate for longer durations.

We've found that even after 5 minutes at its rated voltage (21.6V) it reaches upwards of 76°C under no load, and 102°C after 10 minutes.
With the addition of airflow via a pedestal fan, it reached 59°C after about 2.5 minutes of use, and stayed at that temperature even after 30 minutes of runtime.

Keep in mind that all of this testing was done under no load conditions, and without the speed boost function active.

But the take away here is very clear; If you intend to use this motor for more than a minute or so at a time, you'll need to add support in way of active/passive cooling, preferably both.

Motor diameter: 40.3 MM
Motor length: 46.4 MM (not including front and rear bearings)
Motor shaft diameter: 6MM
Output shaft length: 17.5 MM
Weight: 186 grams (with drive plate)
Voltage: DC18V
Current: 1.1 A
Speed Boost Current: 2.4A
Speed: 25000 RPM
Voltage: 21.6 V (rated voltage)
Current: 1.15 A
Speed Boost Current: 2.45A
Speed: 30000 RPM
Voltage: DC24V
Current: 1.2 A
Speed Boost Current: 2.5A
Speed: 33800 RPM

This type of motor is generally powered by high-power lithium current. If you want to use a regulated switching power supply, please note that the current of the power supply must be at least 8A, the larger the better.