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Twist grip hand throttle with switch
Twist grip hand throttle with switch throttle with switch Throttle Base Twist Grip Hand Throttle With Ignition Switch (HT-03) Twist Grip Hand Throttle With Ignition Switch (HT-03) Twist Grip Hand Throttle With Ignition Switch (HT-03)

Twist Grip Hand Throttle With Ignition Switch (HT-03)

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Hall Effect Twist Grip Throttle (Motorbike Style HT-03)

This throttle is one of the nicest that we sell. It has comfortable ergonimic grips, a nice build quality that really shows, a smooth twist action with a nifty switch!
It might not seem like a switch on the throttle really adds that much to a throttle, but it actually adds a great deal of convenience.

If you were to wire the switch as an on/off for your controller, ther won't be any more reaching for that pesky controller switch whenever you want to switch your controller on, so with a quick flick of the switch you are ready to go! 

The switch on this throttle functions as a 2 position switch, and can be used predominantly as an on/off function for the controller. The switch is activated by inserting the key and turning, just like an ignition!

Please ensure you know how to wire a switch if you plan to buy this throttle type as all controllers are different and wiring a switch will require some technical know how!

This well made hand throttle comes with a 2M cable and the plug will fit most Chinese electric Go-Karts and electric Bikes. Its decent quality and has good grips. It is a HALL EFFECT DEVICE that is suitable for most Chinese controllers and works within the same or at least similar enough ranges. It works from 5V and Red is +5v and Black is Negative (-). Unlike a potentiometer you cannot turn these around! So don't try. Also please take note that while China has standardised the connector, the wiring is NOT always the same between controllers. 

Make sure that when you try to fit this to a controller that the RED wire always goes to RED and Black always lines up with Black. The differential wire will generally be green or white and usually goes in the center (we haven't found any controller that does it differently)

Don't ever connect a hall effect throttle up backwards because unlike a potentiometer that has no polarity (this means you can hook it up to positive or ground with no ill effect) a hall effect MUST be connected correctly, Positive (RED) must go to Positive and Negative (Black) must always go to negative. You muat always ensure that the voltage for the hall effect is no more than 5V or you could easily damage the hall effect throttle.
They are designed to fix onto 7/8" diameter handlebars (22.38mm)


Operating Voltage: 5V
Output Voltage: 0.9V-4.3V
Cable Length: 2M

The voltage range (approx) is 0.9V-4.3V, so hooking these up to any standard Chinese controller should work fine. Fits a standard size handlebar.
Note: Our controllers are built to accept these Hall Effect throttles.

It uses the same connector as most Chinese controllers.