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Titan reliable 25 Watt AC standard motor, replacing brands like Bison

80mm 25 Watt Geared AC Induction Motor

$91.95 (Includes GST)
Weight: 1.87 kg
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Titan 80mm 25 Watt, 240Volt 50 Hz Geared Induction Motor

Terminal Box Model, because you can easily turn a T-Box Model into a lead wire, but you can't turn a lead wire into a T-Box!




Titan 80mm 25 Watt Capacitor run geared motor

Gearbox Selection Guide:
Select the speed you require in blue, and  match it up to the ratio required.
Alternatively  you can just use power frequency for your country X 30 divided by the speed you require
which gives you the ratio you need.

E.g. I want 272 RPM, and Australia is 50Hz, so it's 50X30/272 =5.5 Ratio. There's no 5.5 ratio, so I
can either select 5:1 (300 RPM) or 6:1 (250 RPM).



Gear Ratios/Torque (50 HZ)
Titan 80mm 25 Watt Capacitor run fractional horsepower motor

Titan 80mm 25 Watt AC Drive asynchronous motor



Titan 80mm 25 Watt Induction AC standard motor


Titan 80mm 25 Watt Synchronous geared motor


Note: Should only be wired by a LICENSED Electrical Installer.