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MY1020 rear cover with brushplate & brushes

$29.95 (Inc GST)
Weight: 0.300 kg
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Please note that some earlier versions of the brush plate or different versions of the 1020 (especialy if you have a copy) may need some additional holes drilled or some minor filing to make them fit!

Replacement rear cover and brush plate for any of the MY1020 or ZY1020 serries.

Replaces the rear cover, the brushplate, and the brushes.


This unit is a universal replacement for any of the MY1020 motors, which means that it will fit onto your MY1020 reguardless which model you have.

The rear cover is very easy to take off and replace with this new one, simply unscrew it, take it off and then screw the new one back on once the brushes are all in place.