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Hall Effect Thumb Throttle (TT-03)
Hall Effect Thumb Throttle (TT-03) Hall Effect Thumb Throttle (TT-03) Hall Effect Thumb Throttle (TT-03)

Hall Effect Thumb Throttle (TT-03)

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Hall Effect Thumb Throttle (TT-03)

This throttle has something a little bit different, a battery charge indicator! Though this feture does require a controller that is compatable with that feature (our controllers do NOT have this feature). The throttle also has a toggle switch, perfect for using as an on/off switch! 

This throttle might seen a bit confusing to wire up, it has more wires than the average throttle and for an first timer, that can be a little daunting!
It becomes a lot more simple when you break it into its componants, first of all you have the hall effect device itself: RED is your 5V wire, BLACK is ground, and WHITE is your hall signal! 
Next you have the switch, which is the YELLOW and BROWN wires! 
Finally, the Battery indication wire is the GREEN wire. This feature will only ever be used if you have a controller that is compatable with a battery charge indication feature. 

Don't ever connect a hall effect throttle up backwards because unlike a potentiometer that has no polarity (this means you can hook it up to positive or ground with no ill effect) a hall effect MUST be connected correctly, Positive (RED) must go to Positive and Negative (Black) must always go to negative. You muat always ensure that the voltage for the hall effect is no more than 5V or you could easily damage the hall effect throttle.
They are designed to fix onto 7/8" diameter handlebars (22.38mm)


Operating Voltage: 5V
Output Voltage: 0.9V-4.3V
Cable Length: 1M

The voltage range (approx) is 0.9V-4.3V, so hooking these up to any standard Chinese controller should work fine. Fits a standard size handlebar.
Note: Our controllers are built to accept these Hall Effect throttles.