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Dual Axis Joystick (Self Centering) 10K

Two axis joystick. Can be used with 2 of our model c bi-directional controllers to control two motors!
$20.85 (Includes GST)
Weight: 0.200 kg
In stock

A High quality, responsive dual axis Joystick with a smooth linear feel. Similar quality to Omiter but without the hefty price tag!

After using this for a few weeks with our Model C controller, we've found that its a beautifully smooth and precise unit to use.

With the dual 10k linear potentiometers on each axis of movement (X & Y) it features a remarkably clean precision, rarely found on a controller this low in cost.

Just add two pieces of a centering type bi-directional speed controller and you are ready to go!

To get full control of each axis, you will need 2x bi-directional controllers with center off (Model C, Bidirectional controllers!)

If you don't want to buy our fantastic controllers or you simply want to build your own or even buy from another vendor, then please note the features that the controller requires that you will need to operate this joystick!

Firstly, you need a controller that can accept a 10k potentiometer input.
It must also be able to have the forward and reverse controlled by the a single potentiometer.
Just to make things even more interesting, it must also see the mid point of the potentiometer input as zero speed.
But wait!, theres more!

You will need multiple speed controllers for this Joystick. This unit is a 2 axis joystick, so you have one potentiometer for the X axis and another potentiometer for the Y axis. That means you need 2 x Speed controllers to handle each axis!  

Resistance Tolerance: ±20%
Independent Linearity: ±1%
Resolution: Essentially Infinite (analog)
Temperature Coefficient Resistance: ±400 ppm/°C
Output Smoothness: 0.5% maximum
X& Y Axis Electricity Corner: ±25°
Z Axis Electricity Corner: ±45°
AWG28 Color Coded, Silver Plated, PTFE inslatedlead wires
Standard length: 100mm 

Insulation Resistance: 50MΩ @ 500VDC, 60 sec.

Its a decent joystick and matched up with out 50A DC Motor SPeed Control, its a nice toy that lets you make a whole lot of fun things!

You could even build you own claw machine with this setup! Best of all though, if you were to buy this from anywhere else, you would be charged a boatload! Who wants that?! Not us!

We'd love to see what you come up with so please! Send us an email of your awesome Joystick controlled project!