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Replaces SPG Oriental ZD Sumitomo Panasonic

90mm 60 Watt Geared AC Reversible Motor

$121.95 (Includes GST)
Weight: 3.1 kg
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Titan 90mm 120 Watt, 220-240V 50 Hz Reversible Induction Motor (With Damp Brake)


Please NOTE!
ALL Titan 40/60W Motors now have an upgraded 12mm (5GU) Motor Output Shaft (Rather than the standard 10mm 5GN), so all maximum torque values are 19.6Nm, not 9.8Nm as stated in the data.

Ratios and Speed remain the same.

90mm 60 Watt AC 220-240 Volt standard motor

Gearbox Selection Guide:
Select the speed you require in blue, and  match it up to the ratio required.
Alternatively  you can just use power frequency for your country X 30 divided by the speed you require
which gives you the ratio you need.

E.g. I want 272 RPM, and Australia is 50Hz, so it's 50X30/272 =5.5 Ratio. There's no 5.5 ratio, so I
can either select 5:1 (300 RPM) or 6:1 (250 RPM).

Gear Ratios/Torque (50 HZ)
90mm 60 Watt Single Phase 220-240 Volt 4 pole motor

90mm 60 Watt Reversible AC 220-240 Volt motor

90mm 60 Watt AC 220-240 Volt standard motor

90mm 60 Watt Synchronous 220-240 Volt geared motor