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Replaces SPG Oriental ZD Sumitomo Panasonic

80mm 25 Watt Geared AC Reversible Motor

$98.95 (Includes GST)
Weight: 1.85 kg
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Titan 80mm 25 Watt, 240V 50 Hz Reversible Induction Motor (With Damp Brake)




80mm 25 Watt Induction AC 220-240 Volt motor

Gearbox Selection Guide:
Select the speed you require in blue, and  match it up to the ratio required.
Alternatively  you can just use power frequency for your country X 30 divided by the speed you require
which gives you the ratio you need.

E.g. I want 272 RPM, and Australia is 50Hz, so it's 50X30/272 =5.5 Ratio. There's no 5.5 ratio, so I
can either select 5:1 (300 RPM) or 6:1 (250 RPM).



Gear Ratios/Torque (50 HZ)
80mm 25 Watt AC 220-240 Volt motor

80mm 25 Watt Capacitor run 220-240 Volt fractional horsepower motor


80mm 25 Watt Single Phase 220-240 Volt asynchronous motor


80mm 25 Watt Induction AC 220-240 Volt motor