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400mm Stroke 9mm/Sec 12V 6000N
400mm Stroke 9mm/Sec 12V 6000N 400mm Stroke 9mm/Sec 12V 6000N 400mm Stroke 9mm/Sec 12V 6000N 400mm Stroke 9mm/Sec 12V 6000N Dimensions

400mm Stroke 9mm/Sec 12V 7000N

$626.87 (Includes GST)
Weight: 7.200 kg
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 Linear Actuator 9mm/sec 400mm Stroke 7000N


Speed: 9mm/Second
Stroke: 400mm
Retracted length: 700mm
Input: 12V
Load capacity: 7000N at rated load (Push/Derate by 25% for Pull)
Limit Switches: Internal (Not adjustable)
Clutched Overload Protection
Protection Class: IP65
Current draw: 12V - 3.0A No load/18A Full Load (7000N)
Duty Cycle: 25% (2.5 minutes on/10 Minutes off) at rated loads.
Gearing: Hardened Steel Acme Rods
Cable Length: 70CM
Note: These actuators have a +/- 10% Tolerance.

When you need an actuator to perform reliably in the most rough and rugged terrain - or you need smooth and precision automation actuator then this is the actuator for you.

High quality unit. Very smooth operation. Die-cast Aluminum frame, hardened steel shaft.
Easily one of the strongest and most durable actuators on the Australian market, and for the cost, possibly the best!
Uses Include: Furniture, appliances, automotive, satellite, solar, off-road equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, adjustable seating mechanisms etc.

NOTE : The mount at the motor end can be rotated 90 degrees as needed. Simply remove the locking nut, push the mount inwards (towards the body of the unit) while rotating 90 degrees. Once rotated, simply replace the lock nut and tighten.

Simply reverse the polarity to retract!