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400mm Stroke 500N 45mm/s
400mm Stroke 500N 45mm/s 400mm Stroke 500N 45mm/s

400mm Stroke 500N 45mm/s

$190.51 (Includes GST)
Weight: 1.600 kg
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The light industrial series linear actuators are a compact and efficient device designed for precise linear motion control. Available at speeds ranging from 45mm/s (at 500N) to 10mm/s (at 2500N), they are suitable for various applications, including robotics, automation, and industrial equipment. With its durable construction and reliable performance, this actuator offers smooth and controlled movement. It is easy to integrate into existing systems and provides versatile mounting options. The actuator operates quietly and efficiently, enhancing productivity and automation in different industries.


Linear Actuator 45mm/sec 400mm Stroke 500N


Stroke: 400mm
Speed: 45mm/Second
Load capacity: 500N at rated load (Push/Pull)
Retracted length(hole to hole): 540mm
Input: 12V
Max Current: 7.5A
Limit Switches: Internal (Not adjustable)
Protection Class: IP65
Duty Cycle: 10% (2 minutes on/18 Minutes off) at rated load.
Gearing: Steel
Cable Length: 70CM stripped wire

Mounting hole diameter: 8mm

Mounting head with rod: clevis head

hole direction: 0 degree

Noise Level: 50-55db

Note: These actuators have a +/- 10% Tolerance. 


High quality unit. Very smooth operation. Alloy frame.
One of the strongest and most durable on the Australian market.
Uses: Automotive, Satellite, window, industrial, etc.

Reverse the polarity to make it retract: brown wire for positive, blue wire for negative.