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300mm Stroke 8mm Speed 3500N

$199.10 (Inc GST)
Weight: 2 kg
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Linear Actuator 8mm/sec 300mm Stroke 3500N


Speed: 8mm/Second
Stroke: 300mm
Retracted length: 475mm
Input: 12V
Max Current: 6A
Load capacity: 3500N at rated load (This is the rating for the push strength, the pull strength will be LOWER)
Limit Switches: Internal (Not adjustable)
Protection Class: IP65
Duty Cycle: 10% (2 minutes on/18 Minutes off)
Cable Length: 50CM
Piston end mounting hole : 12mm
Motor end mounting hole : 10mm

Weight: 1.7KG
Note: These actuators have a +/- 10% Tolerance. 

High quality unit. Very smooth operation. Alloy frame and shaft.
One of the strongest and most durable on the Australian Market.
Uses Include: Furniture, Appliances, Automotive, Satellite, Solar etc

Reverse the polarity to make it retract.