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3 wire multi capacitor
3 wire multi capacitor 1.2-2.3uf capacitor 1.2uf + 2.3uf CBB61 Capacitor Combination (3 Wire)

1.2uf + 2.3uf CBB61 Capacitor Combination (3 Wire)

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CBB61 Specialised Fan Capacitors

1.2uf + 2.3uf Capacitor Combination (3 Wire)


Specially designed for industrial fans and ceiling fans these capacitors replace the dual types normally used in these units.
Industry standard wiring colours.

500VAC Capacity, also suitable for replacing units marked with lower voltages such as 450VAC  (even 250VAC)
These offer extremely good value for an industrial rated capacitor. Note: if you are on 125V AC you need at least a 250VAC Capacitor, on 230-240V you need a 500VAC Capacitor.

Good Value for money!

Dimensions: L47 X W21 X H31

All out CBB61 style capacitors come with the mounting tab attached (as shown in the picture above)