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Worm Drive, 12V with High Torque and High Speed
Worm Drive, 12V with High Torque and High Speed cmotor from side motor from top motor from front motor diagram performance chart

ZD1631L 12V 70W, (Single Speed) 55 RPM 6-35Nm Torque (Left Angle) Limited Stock

$89.90 (Includes GST)
Weight: 2.000 kg
In stock
Worm Gear Motor ZD1631L 6-35Nm 45RPM

We have recently received a limited quantity of two-wire wiper motor units, which were accidentally shipped without the usual features found in standard wiper motors. These units are being offered at an incredibly discounted price due to their unique characteristics.

Unlike the typical wiper motors with five wires, these two-wire units have a simplified configuration. They lack limit switches in the gearbox and the additional wiring for high and low speed options. Additionally, there is no connection to the negative terminal through the chassis. Consequently, these units provide access to only a single speed, operating consistently at 55 RPM (unloaded).

It is important to note that these two-wire units are not suitable for use in vehicles as they do not meet the specific safety standards and requirements mandated for automotive applications. However, they can still serve a range of other purposes where a single-speed wiper motor is needed.

Despite their limitations, these units offer the same footprint, power, and torque as standard wiper motors, making them ideal for various non-automotive applications. Whether you are a hobbyist, DIY enthusiast, or working on a project that requires a single-speed wiper motor, these units provide exceptional value for money.



These are traditionally built and used for car wipers, but they can also be run as a highly efficient worm drive motor.
This particular unit has extremely tight tolerances (zero backlash) and an ultra smooth motor and gearbox.  
While it is operating you can barely hear it, that's how quiet the motor and gearbox are. 

This smaller unit has a rating of 6nM, and will overdrive to a maximum (and stall at) 35nM. It is an extremely powerful motor for its small size.

These are a good choice if you are on a budget simply for the fact you can overdrive them with little more than some extra current. The worm will actually stall at 35Nm but it will only hold torque to about 80% of its rated load (so between 5-6nM).

There are a few different manufacturers that make this motor and gearbox combination with the same name (or similar), but we believe we've found the best. This is an extremely well built unit and represents great value for the cost.


Technical Parameter:


Rated Voltage 12V-13.5V
Rated Power 70W
No load current 2A
Loaded Current 7.5A
No Load Speed 55 RPM
Loaded Speed 45-50 RPM
Stall Current 35A Max
Stall Torque 35nM