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ZD1430B 40W 12V Dual Speed 27/40 RPM DC Geared Motor With Bracket

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ZD1430B 40W 12V Wiper Motor
While not quite the same as your traditional wiper motor (being a heavy spur gear rather than a worm) We've aqdded these here with the other wiper motors because of their huge range of power and the fact that they probably belong with the same family of motors as the rest of the wipers do!

These motors are traditionaly made as wiper motors for large trucks and buses, but they can also be used as a very powerful motor for your project!
It has a maximum torque output of 29N making it extremely powerful despite the small size. 

These motors are wonderful motors for budget projects because of the low cost and as wiper motors, they also have 2 speeds, with the lower speed running at around 27 RPM, while the higher speed will run at around 40 RPM.
Technical Specifications
Rated Volatge: 12V
Rated Power: 40W
No load current (low/high speed): .08A/1.5A 
loaded current (low/high speed): 6A/8A
Rated speed (low/high speed): 27/40 RPM
Rated torque 12Nm
Maximum Torque: 29N (Locked Rotor Torque)
IP Rating 54
The motor features heavy STEEL gearing, which certainly does little to help the noise levels of the unit, but certainly helps transfer huge amounts of torque without breaking teeth. 
For wiring instructions, please consult the above diagram.