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XYD-18 750W 24V Geared Motor (Direct Drive) 420 RPM

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Weight: 5.000 kg
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24V 750W XYD-18 Gear Motor with Axle 
These XYD motors have their own axel which they drive from (direct drive). So you can basically mount your wheel straight to the axel and support the other side and you're ready to go!
They feature large cut spur gears and have been used on eZip & IZIP scooters and the Schwinn stealth in the past.
Built specifically for electric karts, quads, scooters and has also been used in jogging machines but could easily be adapted for other uses.
Model: XYD-18
Type: Brush
Power: 750W
Voltage: 24V
Rated Motor Speed: 3600 RPM
No load: No=420rpm±10%  Io=2.2 A REF
Load:T=20.0N.m (max loading on gearbox)  Nn=370rpm±10%  In=29.5 A max
Lead wire:10AWG Black- Red+ 500±30mm Long
750W A=106mm (See drawing for motor length)
 Also, the torque of these (which nobody except us has) is 13.3Nm for this model !