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XYD-16 Monster power! 450W 24V XYD-16 450W 24V Geared Motor 395 RPM (Replaces MY1018Z) XYD-16 450W 24V Geared Motor 395 RPM (Replaces MY1018Z) Dimensions XYD-16 Power Efficiency Curve
XYD-16 Monster power! 450W 24V

XYD-16 450W 24V Geared Motor 395 RPM (Replaces MY1018Z)

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24V XYD-16 450W Geared Motor 395 RPM
(A High quality replacement for the Unite MY1018Z 450W Geared Motor) 
When the XYD company decided to break into a market, utterly dominated by the Unite motor company, the XYD people knew full well they couldn't compete with the Unite company on any pricing tier (largely because they don't have anywhere near the required volumes) HOWEVER, they were more than capable of competing on quality. This, in itself, is the single greatest strength of the XYD Company! The sheer quality of their products scream premium to all those that will listen, and even those that don't.

From the high efficiency magnets the company uses through to the precision bearings and quality processes used throughout the motor and gearbox construction, they are simply unstoppable.  A POWERFUL Juggernaut....

So here, we present to you the 450W XYD-16 motor. This is used in a lot of HIGH END karts and scooters that previously may have used the MY1018Z.
The motor is incredibly well built and runs quieter (which you likely picked up on from the previous paragraph!) with higher efficiencies than the comparable Unite motor. All the units that we tested also ran quieter! This is due to the XYD motor being a helical cut shaft between the motor and the gearbox compared to the straight cut teeth of the Unite version of the motor. Of course the benefits of the Helical cut are smoothness & noise, however the penalty for this is that it runs slightly slower than the Unite version. 
These are a premium version of the 1018Z, so if you want something that exhibits more power, higher efficiency, runs cooler and lasts longer then take a look at these!
Have a search on the internet and you'll find instances where people that have blown out their Unite 18Z's and have replaced their motors with these, tend to find that these units are a lot tougher than the Unite models are!
They are a little more expensive than the 1018Z but, in a clear cut case of "You get what you pay for", it couldn't be more accurate when you talk about this product in that you very much get what you pay for when you choose an XYD motor.

These can be found in Currie, Izip and Ezip Trailz among other brands of scooters.
Speed: 395 RPM
Efficiency: Greater than 75%
Voltage: 24V
Motor torque: 2 n.M
Rated Power: 450W
Sprocket: 9T 12.7mm Pitch (For 410 Chain)