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United MY6812 12V DC 150W, 2750 RPM Electric Motor (Chain)

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Weight: 1.300 kg
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MY6812 12VDC 150W Motor


Popular as a scooter motor or general application motor. Extremely durable and reliable.
Commonly found in 12V scooters or even small kiddies carts and It's also been a proven motor in robotics!
100% Ball Bearing construction!

Note that we sell this in two versions, a Belt drive unit (which is this one) and a chain drive unit!


Voltage: 12v
No-Load Current: 1a
RPM: 3500
Torque: 0.56Nm
Loaded RPM: 2600-3000
Wattage: 150W
Rated Current: 14.3A
Efficiancy: 70%
Weight: 1.4Kgs
11 tooth sprocket for #25 chain