Planning for 2015!



Howdy Everyone!

Hope your holidays were good and everyone is safe and well!

I'm sorry for the lack of recent updates. It's been a really busy time for us here at Motion Dynamics and we've really been struggling to keep up with packaging, emails and phone calls! (Thank you all for your support!)

Now, time for the latest news...

Over the past 5 months, behind the scenes, we've been doing a lot of testing of new products (kind of !) 

The reason we've been doing this because we've had so many price rises from established suppliers that we've hit a real tipping point with the Australian dollar being this weak. Something eventually had to give!

So, like beavers, we've kept our engineers extremely busy buying oodles of samples and testing goods from new suppliers!

Lots of things have changed from when we first started out and every one of our suppliers has had price rises (some have had multiple price rises)

We expect that of course, but as technology gets better and smaller companies can afford to purchase high end manufacturing equipment, we're finding products that may not have been good enough 3-4 years ago, that are now much better in both quality, price and in some cases even design.

After going through lots of data, I can honestly say we've found some great products with similar pricing, but from companies who are more willing to negotiate better deals without compromising quality!

Some things, we don't need to test (ie, a Unite motor is a Unite motor no matter where you get it from) but for other products it's really been an interesting (positive) experience.

This week, we received our first order from a few of the new suppliers, and we're really happy with the products.  

So, over the next few weeks, we'll be adjusting prices on the website to reflect the new pricing. Lots of goods will remain the same (those that we changed suppliers for) and other goods will be extremely close to existing products with only slight changes to dimensions.

Big changes throughout the coming weeks! 

Stay tuned!