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MY1016LZ 350W 24V Geared Motor 180 RPM

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Weight: 4.000 kg
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MY1016LZ 350W 24V Gear Motor (Direct Drive)

This is a VERY interesting motor. It Has a lower speed than most of the XYD type direct drive motors, but the trade off is the high torque!
You can fit a wheel directly to the shaft (which has a 20N.m radial loading)

This would be a good motor for a low speed cart, like a golf buggy or even a moving trolley that you need to have powered!
Its obviously a copy of the XYD-18 design as it came out after the XYD did, but interestingly they chose to have a much lower speed with a higher torque. Attach a bike wheel to this and you'll get a decent speed but attach a small wheel to this and you'll get a boatload of torque!

Voltage: 24V
Power: 350W
No Load Speed: 213 RPM
Loaded Speed: 181 RPM
Output Torque: 18.3Nm
Reduction Ratio: 16.5:1
Splined Shaft
Brushed Motor